Expertise, Strengths, and Differentiation

  • Easily find creative solutions to complex problems

  • Can optimize almost anything

  • Strategic thinking

  • Attention to details

  • Reliability, integrity, and work ethic

General Information

  • Certified Coach and Trainer

  • Bilingual (French-English)

  • Honors Bachelor of Commerce (Business Administration), minor in eBusiness (Management of Information Systems) from uOttawa

  • Security clearance from the Government of Canada (Secret)


I have often been labelled as a generalist, but I strongly believe that I am more of a specialist with a unique understanding of how all the pieces of the puzzle work together and impact each other. 

The generalist label comes from my work experience across most business functions (in start-ups, small and medium size businesses, as well as at large private and public organizations):  

  • Finance, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Information Management, Information technology, Program Management, Policy, Strategic Planning, Performance Management, Project Management, etc.


However, I think my three natural strengths show what my specialty is:

  • Easily find creative solutions to complex problems, especially when it involves optimizing processes and systems

  • Ability to think both at a strategic and detailed level, allowing me to anticipate the impact of a single change from different perspectives

  • Teaching and Coaching (to groups/teams and individuals)


As an employee I had a few opportunities to use my strengths to help people and to work within my areas of expertise, but not nearly enough to feel fulfilled in my professional life. This is why I left my public service career in 2016 and started to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders to reach their goals by progressively offering the kind of services I do today (Business Coaching, Training, Consulting, and Facilitation).

Why I do what I do? It boils down to one main motivation: I love helping people. It really energizes me. People often come back for more, so this is a win-win situation. Helping people has taken many forms over the years, from helping friends/family move, helping friends/family with their technology related purchases/questions/problems, and coaching, teaching, and providing advice/support/guidance to clients.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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