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Expertise, Strengths, and Differentiation

  • Easily find creative solutions to complex problems, most often by optimizing and automating (e.g., systems, processes, and tasks)

  • Strategic thinking with attention to details

  • Teaching and Coaching (individuals and groups)

  • Reliability, integrity, and work ethic

General Information

  • Trainer and Certified Coach

  • Bilingual (French-English)

  • Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Business Administration), minor in eBusiness (Management of Information Systems) from the University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

  • Security clearance from the Government of Canada


I have often been labelled as a generalist due to my diversified work experience, but I strongly believe that I am more of a business specialist with a unique understanding of how all the pieces of the puzzle work together and impact each other. 

I had the chance to work across most business functions (in start-ups, small and medium size businesses, as well as at large private and public organizations):  

  • Finance, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Information Management, Information technology, Program Management, Policy, Strategic Planning, Performance Management, Project Management, etc.


In 2016 I started to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders to reach their goals by offering Business Coaching, Training, Consulting, and Facilitation services.


Client Testimonials

"I have known Nick for 5 years and I trust him to coach me and any of my colleagues in terms of boosting our productivity. He is a creative thinker with great analytical skills, which is a rare combination."

​—  Bruce M. Firestone, Ottawa Senators founder, Century 21 Explorer Realty Broker

"I wanted to take my business to the next level but I was stuck and didn't know how to proceed. I needed to expand my client base to grow my business. I did a strategy session with Nick and he helped me make a plan to attract new clients. I have been working on executing our plan since our meeting and I already have two strategic partners sending me repeat referral business. I am optimistic that if I continue to carry out the plan Nick and I put in place, I will soon need to hire someone to help me keep up with demand."

​—  Allison H., Interior Decorator

"I was quite satisfied with Nick's services. He sent me an initial questionnaire, which was interesting and thorough. The follow-up interview at his office was pleasant yet done with perception. I thought that his assessment had captured the strengths and development needs of my organization. Nick used a conversational style with facts, findings and questions that had a clear focus. There were several "aha" moments for me during our meeting. He was able to zero in on key items with me and also able to guide my thinking towards approaches and actions I might use. In fact, I used three priorities identified in my meeting with Nick in my next board meeting. In the meeting with Nick, I had the feeling of real progress, at the same time enjoying the process. I think he would help others in a similar manner and will be happy to refer him."

​—  Jim Birtch, Chair, Ottawa Biosphere Eco-City Initiative

"As the leader of a not-for-profit organization that is trying to do a lot with few resources, Nick has helped me carve out time to think about where I want the organization to be in the future, what our current roadblocks are, and then how we could get from here to there. The thing I like most about coaching is the space it creates to think these bigger picture thoughts. Thanks Nicolas!”

—  Jasmine Brown, Executive Director, Heart of Orleans BIA

"My co-founder and I were no longer aligned and the business was getting worst because of it. After meeting with Nick and doing the strategy session we finally understood where we were not aligned and why. We also worked on a strategic plan and after about 2 months we are already seeing results (double digits growth!) that we had not seen in the last 2 years. Thank you Nick!"

—  Peter J., co-founder and CEO in the green technology industry

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