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Similar Challenges, Tailored Approach

In my experience, businesses of all sizes (and from all industries) often face similar kind of challenges, such as:

  • Working too hard and not making enough money

  • Spending too much time at work

  • Having trouble finding and keeping good employees


Despite the similar challenges, each business is unique and a cookie-cutter approaches rarely work. Therefore, I take the time to tailor my approach for each business based on:

  • the scale of these challenges

  • the urgency and timing to resolve these challenges

  • the resources available (people, time, and budgets)

About 90% of the work I do fits in one (or a combination) of the 4 categories below. 


You don’t need to know which one(s) makes the most sense for your particular situation, as this is something I can help you figure out during a free no-pressure conversation.


Business Coaching

Usually provides the best results by transforming you, your team, and/or your business over time (usually 3 to 12 months), but for this to work you need to commit time, focus, and energy.

Market Analysis


Instead of learning to do something through coaching or training, the consultant does the work for you. People usually choose this approach when timing is an issue or when they would rather outsource something than learn it.

Giving a Presentation


The trainer delivers a course or workshop on a particular topic related to his/her expertise, which can be done 1-to-1 or in a group setting, and as a one-time event or spread-out over time.

Business Meeting


Sometimes it is just easier (and it yields better results) to have someone from outside your organization lead or facilitate a meeting or an event, such as a strategic planning retreat or an offsite meeting.

People Like to Buy, Not Being Sold to

When was the last time you enjoyed the buying process? 

For most people the answer is: “I don’t know”, “a long time ago”, or “never”.


Most people are on the defensive when talking to salespeople, which I totally understand because I have also not enjoyed conversations with pushy salespeople using questionable techniques (often leading to bad recommendations). 

With me you will not have to settle for this. 

My process is straight-forward, and most people seem to really appreciate it (even those who don’t end up working with me).

My Approach

A straight-forward and no-pressure process

What’s in it for You?

By the end of my process, whether we end up working together or not, here is what you can expect to get out of it:

  • Have a better idea of how your business is doing

  • Understand what you should focus on for maximum impact

  • Know if what I do can help you and your business

  • Know if you are ready, willing, and able to work on it now

  • Know if I am the person you want to work with.



The Process

  1. It starts with you filling out a short questionnaire. 

  2. This will help me assess if what you are looking for is something I can potentially help with. If I cannot help you, I will do my best to point you in the right direction.

  3. We schedule a 15-minute call to answer some questions and see if there is a good fit. 

  4. If we both want to continue the conversation, we schedule another but much more in-depth free call or meeting. At the end we should be able to easily answer the following question: Does it make sense for us to work together?

  5. If the answer is YES I’ll explain how this works and what the next steps are

If you like what you’ve read so far, click on the button bellow and let's start a conversation.

What's in it for you

What's in it for you?

Quick results

People who choose to work with a coach usually do it to get better results, to attain their objectives faster, or both. This is the most important “benefit” because without results it wouldn’t be worth the investment in time, money, and energy.

A trusted advisor who keeps you accountable

A large number of entrepreneurs are/feel alone, and they almost always get better results after finding a coach, mentor, or trusted advisor who keeps them accountable (to themselves) and helps them to see their blind spots.

Aha moments

I love these moments! It is very rewarding to see my clients go from being overwhelm, unsure, or undecided, to knowing exactly what to do, how to do it, and being very energized by it.

A sounding board & a different perspective

When they are not alone, entrepreneurs are often surrounded by people who think the same way or are afraid to speak-up, which often leads to having only one option/solution presented before picking the course of action. Therefore, most Entrepreneurs I talked to appreciate and value having someone who can be a sounding board, bring a different perspective, and offer alternatives that might not even have been on their radar.

Systems, optimizations, and savings

Between the fast pace of change and increasing pressure from competitors, what worked for you in the past might not work in the future. Building and optimizing systems (one of my natural abilities and my specialty) is a proven way to make your business more efficient and increase its value. However, that’s where people usually get stuck because it is much harder to challenge the status quo and the underlying assumptions without outside help and a different perspective.

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