A Different Approach

You may have noticed that most coaches, consultants, and Canadian crown corporations mandated to help entrepreneurs do not display, or even mention, pricing on their website.


They do not even provide a price range help people figure out if they should invest the time and energy required to find out.


Personally, I really dislike this pushy and salesy approach, which often leads to wasted time and frustration. 


I stay away (as much as possible) from companies like these and with me you won't get treated this way.

Competitors' Prices

My Prices

Based on my experience with coaches, consultants, and Canadian crown corporations mandated to help entrepreneurs, here is what you should know.

Programs Offered

  • Business Coaching: ~ $600-$1,000 per session

  • Business Training: ~ $1,000-$2,000 per session

  • Most programs require long-term commitments

  • Most programs require large upfront deposits


Red Flags

  • No money back guarantees: if they don’t believe enough in their products and services to let you try risk-free, why should you?

  • Guarantee of results (in % or $): unless they take over, make the decisions for you, and become responsible for executing the plan, it is not in their control and they will most likely blame you and walk away if it does not work out.

What's in it for you?

  • My goal is to give you with the best value possible, ideally providing you with 10 times the value of what you paid (which is easier to do with my lower prices thanks to low fixed and variable costs)

  • Same or better quality for about half the price

  • No long-term commitments (most programs can be cancelled with 30 days written notice)

  • Try risk-free with money-back guarantee on some programs

  • No pressure to buy something you don’t need, as I do not have sales quotas or shareholders to please

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